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Please Read Smart Shoppers!


MSRP or Sticker Price? What comes with my purchase and what does not at H.A. BOYD?

When you see (Contact Us) as the price tag, it is in your best interest to ask us by phone or by email, what comes with this VW and what is the Price? Most dealers may show a great Low Price, but you need to ask them are there any "Add-on costs" that will be added when the purchase is made. Always talk and disclose with a salesperson the full closing cost when shopping for your Best Dollar Deal at any Dealership. Click to "About Us" and learn what H.A. BOYD offers their buyers.

Car Not on Our Lot! For a 500 dollar deposit that goes towards the purchase of your VW when you buy, H.A. BOYD searches for your car. We will pick it up and bring it to you at the Dealership. When the VW arrives you inspect and verify as agreed to; model, color, options, etc.

Not Located Near H.A. BOYD! Not a problem. Reaching for your mouse (that's your computers' mouse for you funny people) is like shaking our hand right here at H.A. BOYD! Let the Internet connect us. We have a fully equipped Internet Sales Manager on duty for your online needs. By email, fax, and phone your next VW may be purchased, the last items to be done in person is to deliver your VW and signature the documents.

Trade-in Allowance? If you wish to make a trade towards your next VW, clean your vehicle and have Scott Ortenzio or Barry Kreider assess your trade allowance. If our Dealership is out of reach and you don't have time to drive to H.A. BOYD, please call, and Scott or Barry may be available to meet at a designated location for you. Please note, when obtaining a quote from a source such as Kelly Blue Book, most car owners overestimate the worth of their vehicle. Normally, everyone thinks their car is worth a great deal (and to them it is). Don't let mystery and surprise take advantage of your trade in experience with your current vehicle. Get an estimate and prepare yourself that you may get less. The lower quotes are based on preparation costs by the dealer, market and condition. If you wish not to trade, then ask us how we may be able to help you sell your vehicle on your own!